Our Services in Singapore

Gains or profits from any employment which accrue in or are derived from Singapore or received in Singapore from outside Singapore are taxable in Singapore [Section 10(1)(b)].

Generally, overseas income received in Singapore on or after 1 January 2004 is not taxable. These include overseas income paid into a Singapore bank accounts. As such, there is no necessity to declare the overseas income in the personal income tax return.

After Year 2007, all dividend income (listed and private limited company) and interest income from approved banks and financial institutions are tax exempt.


Our services include:

  • Personal income tax filing and compliance
  • Tax advisory and planning
  • Tax efficient structuring of employment packages


Tax rates for resident individuals From YA 2017

Chargeable IncomeRate (%)Gross Tax Payable S$
First S$20,00000
Next S$10,0002200
First S$30,000 -200
Next S$10,0003.5350
First S$40,000 -550
Next S$40,00072,800
First S$80,000 -3,350
Next S$40,00011.54,600
First S$120,000 -7,950
Next S$40,000156,000
First S$160,000 -13,950
Next S$40,000187,200
First S$200,000 -21,150
Next S$40,000197,600
First S$240,000-28,750
Next S$40,00019.57,800
First S$280,000-36,550
Next S$40,000208,000
First S$320,000-44,500
Above S$320,00022 

NEW: Personal Income Tax Rebate of 20% of tax payable will be granted to all individual tax residents for YA 2017 (i.e. for income earned in 2016). The rebate will be capped at $500 per taxpayer. 

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