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The transition arrangement for quota cuts announced in 2013 will end on 30 Jun 2015. From 1 Jul 2015, services sector employers must keep their existing S Pass and Work Permit holders within the Dependency Ratio Ceilings (DRCs):


Main DRC of 40%
S Pass sub­DRC of 15%
PRC Sub­DRC of 8%


MOM sent a letter in April 2015 which contained details on how these changes will affect your organisation. If there has been a change in your workforce, please use the quota calculator HERE to see your latest quota for existing workers. This will help you in your manpower planning.


As announced in Budget 2015, MOM will also be suspending foreign worker levy changes to give businesses more time to adjust and restructure. S Pass and services work permit levy increases will be deferred to 1 Jul 2016 instead.


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Source: MOM (Work Pass Division)