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A key challenge in SkillsFuture is to help uplift a significant base of our SMEs, and involve them in this process of skills development.
To do so, and to help Singaporeans develop their careers across our economy, we need new forms of industry collaboration.
The Government will collaborate with training institutions, unions, Trade Associations and employers to develop comprehensive Sectoral Manpower Plans (SMP) to chart out current and future skills needed and the action plan to develop these skills. This will be developed and implemented in all key industry sectors by 2020.
To help SMEs overcome the constraints they face in training capabilities and capacity, the Government will also work with industry partners to develop a shared pool of SkillsFuture Mentors, who specialise in industry-relevant skills, for SMEs to tap on for their training services.


Source: MOF  #‎SGBudget2015‬