Goods & Services Tax
As announced by the Government, GST has been implemented on 1 April 2015. To ensure a smooth implementation of GST, businesses are encouraged to submit their application for early registration.

Our GST reporting services including:

  • GST voluntary and compulsory registration
  • GST return preparation and submission
  • Consultancy on GST implementation
  • GST training
Understanding GST Concept & Fundamental

Input and output tax

Diagram 1a

There are three types of supplies listed under GST which are:

  • Standard rated supplies are taxable supplies of goods and services which are subject to a positive rate
  • Zero rated supplies are taxable supplies which are subject to a zero rate that is not liable to GST at the output or input stage
  • Exempt supplies are non taxable supplies which are not subject to GST at the output stage that is, when supplied to the consumer. However, the GST paid on input by the businesses cannot be claimed as tax credit


Standard rated supply

Diagram 2a


Zero-rated supply

Diagram 3a


Exempt supply

Diagram 4a


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